No Trains But Home

Would you like a ticket to the island, sir?
No.  I want to get off the island.
I'm sorry, sir?
I want a ticket off the island.
I'm afraid I don't follow you, sir.
This train.  It must go somewhere else.  There are tracks in two directions.
Yes, sir, to the island.
Aren't I on the island right now?  What is this place if not the island?
I can give you a ticket for a later train, if you like.
Does it leave the island?
The train goes to the island.

Day 7

The train station has nothing to offer but food and shelter... and a reprieve from the sentry.  But without somewhere to go, I don't know.  I sit on a bench by the tracks, watching train after train go by, all empty except for the employees running them.  Every conductor waves and lends me an empty smile.  At first, it seemed like nothing, but now I'm sure that it's mocking me, that smile...

I have to go back into the wilds.  There must be a way off of the island.  What use is my life in such a box?

Maybe I'll stay another night.

The story continues...